Why Create a Story to Last?

For Individuals and Families:128bm_with_Dad_and_sister.jpg

  • Those wonderful family stories will be accessible forever, a priceless and unique gift to family and friends.
  • With Stories to Last guiding the process, you no longer have to feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting such an intense project on your own.
  • A Stories to Last book is a gift for the storyteller as well, an opportunity for reflection, celebration, and reminiscence, the chance to leave a legacy. Studies show that the process also has emotional and physical health benefits!
  • With people focused on day-to-day lives, living sometimes thousands of miles apart, stories create connections between family members and friends.
  • Stories pass down life wisdom in a meaningful way, communicate values, beliefs and ethics, honor the people who shape our lives, give a human face to times past, help younger generations in creating their own identity, and give children more understanding of their parents or grandparents as people.

For Companies and Organizations:

  • A Stories to Last book can raise funds for your organization through book sales, increased public awareness, boosted morale of members or staff, as an invaluable public relations tool, as the start of a new marketing campaign, as a gift to contributors, and as a recruiting tool for pinnacle employees.
  • With Stories to Last, you can create a quality book without taxing internal resources, or use our expert services to spearhead an effective and efficient internal process.
  • A Stories to Last book can further your company’s reputation in its industry, honor founders and other important personnel, and leave a legacy of your organizations’ governing philosophies, decisions, and successes.
  • For more details, click here: The Story of your Business or Organization


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