The Story of Your Business or Organization

rotary_cennt_color.jpgWas your organization or company formed out of strong beliefs? A lot of hard work? Insight and enthusiasm? Was it created by really dedicated people? Has it persevered despite challenges? Does your company have a unique culture? A rich history? Has it accomplished great things?

We can help you to preserve the story of your organization in quality, highly presentable books to last generations.

The Benefits

Here are some things a professionally bound, designed, and illustrated Stories to Last book can do for your organization:

  • Raise funds
  • Improve public, internal, customer, and business to business relations
  • Increase public awareness of the organization
  • Provide an effective recruiting tool for members
  • Boost organization pride, loyalty, and involvement
  • Engage people or groups to support the organization
  • Provide a thank you gift for contributors
  • Launch a marketing campaign
  • Further the organization’s reputation in its industry
  • Honor founders or other important individuals
  • Update company records and database

The Process

We work with you to understand your goals, timeline and budget.

Then we produce your books exactly to your specifications in a process that includes:

  • Thorough research
  • Interviews & transcriptions
  • Professional writing
  • Editing, proofing, fact checking, and revision
  • Gathering, scanning, sizing and enhancing photos and archival documents
  • Custom lay-out and design
  • Printing, binding, and delivery

The Product

The result is a professional quality book that you and your community will treasure. Its tone and presentation will accurately reflect your organization. Its stories will keep you reading.

The Cost

Cost can be broken down to Production and Printing and Delivery. Several factors determine the cost of both:

Production costs depend mainly on the amount of research material, hours of interview, the length and size of the book, and the number of photos included.

Printing and Delivery costs depend mainly on your choice of hardback versus paperback, internal color versus black and white (covers or jackets are always in full color), the length and size of the book, the volume of books ordered, and how they are delivered.

We will work with you to scope out the project and provide an accurate quote. If you have a specific budget, we’ll let you know what we can do for that amount. Whether a long or short book, it is always of the highest quality.

Contact Linda Hamilton at Stories to Last to set up a free consultation.

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