bob_and_Doug_1965.jpgI just finished reading the first chapter about my Dad and I think it is great. I both cried and laughed while reading it. I like the way you kept the phrasing close to Dad’s spoken word. It makes it more authentic and personal sounding.

Bill Senn, Oakland, CA

Author! Author! Nothing but rave reviews. My brother’s book arrived & it’s wonderful, Linda. Having it written in the first person is perfect. I can just “hear” his voice speaking as I read it. What a fantastic work. I really feel I personally owe you great thanks just to have this complete book on someone we all love so much. Thank you again for a wonderful book!

Sharon Hunter, Fort Garland, CO

Bob_and_Doug_on_beach_1964_crop.jpgWow! My step-father sent me his book yesterday and I ended up reading the entire thing in one day! I couldn’t put it down and now feel like I know so much more about my beloved step-father’s life. Thanks for doing this and kudos on a great job.

Dan Hoard, Austin, TX

I’ve just read Picked Off The Cherry Tree and am doubly impressed by my friend’s memory and life, and Linda’s skill in its presentation. The book certainly triggered a flood of memories for me. Thanks to you both for whom you are and what you’ve done for the legions of “Hambone” admirers.

Sandy Hay, Cupertino, CA

I just received my copy of my dad’s book. I’m just totally blown away. It is so amazing. What a gift to all of us. It’s phenomenal. I just want to say thank you. You are a miracle worker!

Tom Hamilton, San Francisco, CA

The book about our friend Bob is just wonderful! When I read it, I feel like he’s in the room with me.

Marianne Kidder, Reno, Nevada

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