Products & Services

Our first job is to listen.The_four_kids_1971.jpg

We work with you to understand your goals, timeline and budget. Then we take your raw material and recorded interviews and craft them into page-turning stories in logical sequence that capture the authentic voice and tone of the subject forever.

We can create books about anything, from a single chapter in your life (Short Story to Last) to a full-length personal or organizational biography. Take a look!

Then we produce your book in a process that includes:

  • A Getting to Know you meeting & optional pre-interview questionnaire
  • Interviews & Transcriptions
  • Research & fact checking
  • Creative & clear writing
  • Editing, proofing & revision to your satisfaction
  • Organizing, scanning, sizing, enhancing, & creating captions for photos and archival documents
  • Book lay-out & design
  • Printing, binding & delivery

The result is a professional quality book that you and your family and friends will treasure.

Other Services

  • In creating your own project, you can hire us for any of our services listed above.
  • We can also guide you in the writing of your own memoir, autobiography, published biography, self-help book, family or organizational history.
  • We can co-write or ghost write your book and its proposal to publishers
  • In addition, we provide workshops and lectures on How to & Why Create Stories to Last.

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