Personal & Family History

Stories have incredible and often unexpected value. They connect multiple generations. They create belonging. They strengthen identity. They inspire, teach, entertain and bring history to life. What greater gift can one give to family members and friends, especially our children and grandchildren?

Out for a drive, 1920

Out for a drive, 1920

We have helped dozens of individuals and families save their stories in timeless, beautiful books.

Each book and the process is customized to fit the tone and style of the individuals involved. We can guide you through every step of the process or just the ones you need. You can start with nothing but your memories and a box of photos!

Through interviews, transcription, professional writing, editing, and book design, the finished product is a highly readable, fully-illustrated book that provides insight for everyone who reads it. About you and the places and times in which you lived.

Me on KidsWatch Newsdesk, 1976

When he was an anchor on KidsWatch, 1976

Don’t think you have a story to tell? You might be surprised! The daily comings and goings of our lives can be as fascinating as the big turning points. What makes an ordinary life extraordinary is in the details, the storytelling, the reflection, and in your unique perspective. These things make your tales and experiences of life different than anybody else’s and highly valuable.

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